2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

This year the Olympic Games were held at the Maracana Stadium in Rio, the place where it all began for us. The whole World got to see our country in all its glory and now they can see what a truly amazing place it is. Congratulations to all the athletes, over the two weeks, 67 medals was won by Great Britain and 18 medals to Brazil what an achievement. The Olympics this year was a great watch over the Summer and kept us entertained all the way and not forgetting spectacular in every way the Closing Ceremony was with the Carnival, models, fireworks and much more! If you got the chance to be here then you are very lucky!

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I just go for it. I agonize a little bit and do a lot of research, but with things like appliances I feel pretty comfortable making a decision. Now…other things, not so much. Can't wait to see a picture of your fabulous new waerdr/erysh.

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