Bali Baby

We always welcome new friends that would love to shoot our clothes in different cities and exotic places, but these breathtaking shots from @gvovd blew us away!

Gvozdulin Artem is a photographer, a film maker and even a model to some of his own creative work, a good looking one I might add too!

There's no denying that this guy knows how to make the coolest pictures in the world, so sit back relax and enjoy the photos, and why not treat yourself to the styles he chose and create your own pictures! Good luck, and don't forget to tag us #indleaders we love to know how us Leaders Do It ; )

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Azure Ray is ret!nuingi? This is the best music news I have heard in so long. I saw them live in 2004, and it is still the best live show I have ever seen.Thanks so much for sharing!

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