New Year! New Leader!

New Year - New Leader Style
January for everyone means a fresh start, but we all feel like we are still recovering from the holidays, over indulging on all the luxuries we can eat and drink!
Let’s face it if you made it to the gym on the first week, you are in minority that’s actually made it Well done to the guys that got there!
To feel good realistically the change in you doesn't need to start from within, you can change the way you look and feel from something as simple as a new style. Adding a new staple piece to your wardrobe, turning heads as you are walking the streets, there’s nothing better than the feeling of looking like you own it. Confidence is key where ever you may be, whether it’s chilling on the beach of Ipanema or grabbing a beer in Shoreditch, the vibe you give off is most noticeable and attractive to others and will be sure to get you a cheeky smile or two.
Taking a look at yourself, which guy are you?
“Just Wears All Black Guy”
“Street Wear Guy”
“Office Guy”
“Indie Guy”
“My Girlfriend Chose This Outfit Guy”
“Just Thrown This On Guy”
If you feel like you’ve been rocking the same old style, forget the boring years of blending in, 2018 is your chance to be daring! Independent Leaders would like to give you the opportunity to find the new you, to be own individual and stand out from the rest. Whether you want to make it as simple as adding one new item or giving your whole wardrobe a revamp, we’ve got you covered.
Be sure to check out our new collection and discover the new you, throw our ‘Foz’ Bomber over your all black ensemble, or try out a new pop of colour with our ‘Ramos’ sweater. We look forward to seeing the improved you and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @indleaders to be featured on our page!
Much love..
Independent Leaders 

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