Rap It Up...

You may have guessed we like a tattoo now and again on our social media.. If you don't have one, I am not encouraging you to, so please no lawsuits ha! But if you do, then that's dope!! : )

Music is one of our most loved things in life, we are always inspired by it, and we love nothing more then listening to our favourite tracks, whether we are working, chilling or just dam right getting f*cked up, (excuse my need for language but that was the only way I could get my point across ha).

We collaborated with a rapper from Amsterdam, you can find him on Insta as @L if you haven't heard his music now is the time. Rob is a cool guy and he made our brand look quite sick, his photo shoot in our most popular Raul sweatshirt & Italo joggers are some of my favourite posts, he's heavily tatted up and he just gets it! 

Thank you for your pics man, and including us in your music video's! Stay Tuned….




I’m so glad I found my souolitn online.


When others say YouTube censors the voices of its users, apparently that's no lie – I've heard that people have indeed tried calling YouTube to complain since they pay no attention to blog comments… and as a result, their channels have been sund.sped.e. so much for taking it up a notch. At YouTube, opinions are abolished.

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