Riding the waves!

Not only do we drink up the Caipirinha's we also like to soak up waves, that being said don't drink and surf guys!

We came across a cool surfer Robertney Barros from Cape Verde along our journey and we had an instant connection. It's safe to say, RB looks pretty awesome in his Independent Leaders longline t shirt, vest and mens swimwear don't you agree? 

Robertney is one to watch in the wave world, with 10K followers he's building a great career for himself, last year in 2016 he came 1st in the Open Ponta Preta. But you don't have to just stare at his pictures, you can also book in surf lessons with him via his website, learning from the pro's sounds like a cool way to get your waves in, we will be booking on soon… : )

Keep doing what your doing Buddy by showing how you wear us in style.

All the best… Big love! INDLEADERS


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Hubble di scoprire che al centro di ogni buco nero c'è un omino con una lanterna che cerca l&rr3;inte9#uttore della luce. Big Bang Theory lo seguo a manetta :)

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