When Charlie met Charlie

For a while now we have been in contact with many bloggers, in July one of our favourite guys @charliealbo came to visit us on his Europe tour from California. Our team including Charles, our own director had a fun night out, drinking Tequila's will never be the same. Charlie Albo being half Mexican showed us how it's done but unfortunately he didn't know the cure for the sore head the next day. It's always great to meet with lifestyle influencers face to face, looking forward to continue working with Charlie in the future, what a cool guy.

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Kev,I am still looking forward to the traosformatinn pics. Interested in your legs because mine never grow and like u i dont squat. (by the way squated for years, didnt help). estimate whatever u did i can reach about 1/4.My max will be on legpress because that is where my biggest deficiency is.I do now beleive u plan to compete next year. Ur natural now so 4 months wont work but u have one year now.

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